Taipei, Taiwan


About Folio Hotel Daan Taipei

Folio Daan is a hotel of unique style, merging art and design into architecture and space.
Located at the center of Taipei City and adjacent to the MRT station, Folio Daan is the most ideal starting point of your exploration in Taipei. As a former bank dormitory, guests can experience the unique alley culture of Taipei and feel the charm of old buildings. On entering Folio Daan, you will find a different world of energy and liveliness, with sunlight and colors keeping you company throughout your stay.


Early Bird Special !
Book early and save more!  Folio Daan Taipei offers early bird special deal for you. Make reservations 45 days in advance and enjoy 8% off of the rate, Book Now! Promotion : Book 45 days in advance and get 8% offBook 21 days in advance and get 4% offRemarks : Non-refundable prepayment required at time of booking. No change or cancellation possible. The offer can't be combined with other offers or discounts. All special offers are limited and subject to availability.
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Kids Meal
Spaghetti, Sausage, Beef  Sauce   TWD 280Spaghetti, Beyond Meat Meatball, Cream  Sauce(Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian)  TWD 280All kids meal selections include, one panna cotta , one fresh orange juiceRemarks :• All prices are in TWD and subject to 10% service charge.• Meals available for children aged 6-12.• The offer can't be combined with other offers or discounts.• Port23 reserves the right to explain and change the event.
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Folio Select / Folio Studio
Literature, philosophy, architecture and design are all part of arts in life. As a historical and creative city, Taipei is a place where gathers all elements above, and seeks for new ideas and knowledge to be poured into this urban life. Folio is a place where ideas exchanges, knowledge shared. With its unique mixture of  local life and resident artists’program, the hotel provides both locals and artists to share an intimate and special experience within events that are held in the space.Folio SelectOpening Hours : Mon - Sun 11:00-15:00 - 16:00-20:00Earning free design gift by taking Fubon Art Foundation survey at Folio Select! And don't forget to like our Facebook page!Folio StudioSummer MENG│Dates: 2019/5/13-2019/6/30│Born in Taipei in 1991, Summer Meng is a performer with multiple identities. She is an actor, a singer, and an art maker all in one. She sources her inspiration from the things she experiences in life and channels them through a character she created named “A-Ru”, whose childish style and bright and bold colors paint the world in her eyes for all of us to see.
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Explore Folio Hotel Daan Taipei

Similar to a large folder for holding collections, Folio Daan opens up all kinds of travelling possibilities for travelers. It could be a carefully picked itinerary, the Museum Without Walls that infuses with the actual life, or even engaging in an unbound creation with artists; a unique travel experience awaits your exploration.